Before Narendra Modi’s visit to Karnataka, Sidaramaya raised many questions

In front of the Prime Minister Narendra ModiTwo-day visit to Karnataka, the opposition leader in the state Sidaramaya Assembly asked him a number of questions in a series of tweets with “#AnswerMadiModi”, including the “delay” in approving the Mekedatu project and allegations Hindi “imposition”.

The prime minister’s visit comes at a time when the state’s political atmosphere is heating up ahead of next year’s parliamentary elections, in which the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress have set themselves the goal of winning over 150 seats in the 255-member assembly.

“The people of Karnataka are looking forward to the implementation of the (Mekedatu) project. Why doesn’t the central government want to approve the project? He asked.

He also tried to find out if Tamil NaduKarnataka’s “pressure or prejudice” was the reason for this.

Narendra Modi “apologized” to the farmers and repealed the laws against farmers, said the former CM, adding that “but the governments of your states have yet to repeal. Was it just a wash of the eyes or will Modi ask his colleagues from the state to cancel as well? ”

Claiming that the Bengaluru suburban railway project was “delayed due to paralysis of union government policy”, the congressional leader asked the prime minister if he would explain the reason for the “delay”.

“The Union government will have to provide 20 per cent of the cost of implementing a suburban railway project in Bengaluru. “Has the Modi government released 20 percent of the project cost, or is it just optics before the parliamentary elections?” He asked.

Accusing Union Interior Minister Amit Shah of trying to “forcibly impose” Hindi on states by asking them to use it as a language of communication between them, he wanted to know FashionThey stand for the identity of Kannada. – Does your silence mean approval of Shah’s statement? The congressional leader asked.

Citing a letter from the Association of State Executors to the Prime Minister accusing his party government in the state of “corruption with 40 percent commission”, he asked: “If your allegations about ‘Na Haunga, Na Hane Dunga’ are true ‘ tax? ”

He also raised issues such as compensation for the GST, a “reduction” in the Centre’s share of state funding and a “refusal” of Karnataka’s special subsidy from the 15th Finance Committee.

In addition, Sidaramaya, wishing the best for the opening of the new campus of the BR Ambedkar School of Economics (BASE), tried to emphasize that this was provided for during the congressional regime led by him.

Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh “It opened our flagship project Babasaheb Dr BR Ambedkar School of Economics in 2017. It gives us great pleasure to recall the satisfying memory of dedicating a world-class university to the people of Karnataka,” he said.

Noting that the project is intended to mark the 125th anniversary of Babasaheb’s birth, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, he said: “BASE was established in 2017 on 43.45 acres of land at the University of Bengaluru. Our government has allocated 350 rupees for land and infrastructure. ”

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