Bear went up to Kriwitz’s house while the family slept; the video of the DNR overseer goes viral

KRIVITZ, Wis. (WBAY) – This is the video that everyone is talking about today. We first announced this here on Monday: a DNR conservation supervisor pulls a bear out of a hut near Kriwitz.

This warden, Tim Werner, never expected a viral video to turn him into a celebrity brawler.

“I saw the video, I was actually quite surprised and I smiled well,” says Werner.

Shortly before midnight on Sunday, Werner received a call about a bear that had entered a holiday home near Kriwitz through a kitchen window. The intruder crept in while most of the family slept.

“The bear managed to break through the screen and came in, ate some food in the kitchen and then finally went into the main bathroom,” explains Werner.

Werner says startled Illinois guests woke up, closed the bathroom door, then ran away from the house and called for help.

“Our original plan was actually to try to direct this bear – to open the bathroom door, to use furniture to direct it to the front door and let it go that way. “Unfortunately, the bear didn’t help us and didn’t want to come out of the bathroom,” says Werner.

Noticing that the bear was only a teenager and about 120 pounds, Werner decided he could use a rod to catch.

It worked, but not before the stubborn, fierce struggle, which ended with the bear released outside unharmed. A video by Shane Geiger shows the bear being inadvertently taken out of the house.

“I dealt with wolves, lynxes and other animals that were trapped and helped free them, but when it comes to letting a bear out of a house, this is the first time,” Werner said with a smile.

Meetings with bears increase at this time of year, as the adults look for a partner and the young are sent to go on their own. The Wisconsin DNR estimated that there were 23,200 black bears in the state last fall.

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