Barcelona gave a transfer incentive – what does this mean for Frankie de Jong and Robert Lewandowski? | Football news

Barcelona members have approved the sale of merchandising and television rights, boosting their summer transfer plans – but what does this mean for the future of Frankie de Jong and Robert Lewandowski?

The financial problems of the Spanish club are well documented, but after three years of recorded losses, Barcelona hopes that they can now end the year with a profit after this latest development.

La Liga’s salary cap is currently preventing Barcelona from signing with free agent Andreas Christensen and Frank Cassie after their respective contracts with Chelsea and Milan expire.

However, Barcelona are believed to want to bring in Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski and Chelsea duo Cesar Aspilicueta and Marcos Alonso, with reports in Spain suggesting Sevilla defender Jules Kunde and Manchester City midfielder Siculva im are also behind. .

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Robert Lewandowski – Barça’s main goal this summer – reveals plans to leave Bayern Munich

It was unclear how many of their goals Barcelona could afford this summer before Thursday’s vote due to financial constraints.

The sale of Frankie de Jong to Manchester United is being discussed as a way to raise funds for other purposes, as negotiations between the clubs continue and Eric ten Haag wants to reunite with the former Ajax midfielder at Old Trafford.

Spanish football expert Alvaro Montero met with Sky Sports News to explain what to expect from Barcelona after this latest development …

How much money can this bring to Barça?

“Yesterday, the board members of Barcelona offered to sell 49.9% of BLM, a company that started in July 2018 four years ago. This is the company that runs the club’s retail business, especially merchandising. With this operation, they expect to earn between € 200 million and € 300 million. This was approved by a majority of the Barcelona assembly yesterday.

“Members of the Barcelona board have decided to sell or give away 25% of the television rights for the coming years.

“In both operations, they expect to earn between 600m and 700m euros in the coming years. It will be good for them to solve their financial problems.

“This is the only way for the Barcelona football club to survive and continue to fight economically.”

What does this mean for the pursuit of Barça Lewandowski?

Robert Lewandowski celebrates after giving Bayern Munich a two-goal lead against Borussia Dortmund
Robert Lewandowski is Barcelona’s main goal this summer

“Everyone at the club says that Robert Lewandowski is the number one goal. Unofficially, they say that the player wants to sign with Barcelona. In fact, in Catalonia and here in Spain, it is said that Robert Lewandowski refused teams like Chelsea or Paris Saint-Germain.

“But it’s not just about Robert Lewandowski, it’s about the possibility of attracting players like Marcos Alonso and Cesar Aspilicueta from Chelsea, Jules Kund and Bernardo Silva.

“I believe that Bernardo Silva will depend on what happens to Frankie de Jong, because we all know that Frankie de Jong is wanted by Manchester United. In recent weeks we have been talking about this famous 70- € 80 million, maybe plus bonuses, which seems to be exactly the same amount Manchester City will ask for Bernardo Silva.

Bernardo Silva celebrates (right) by scoring this goal for his teams
Bernardo Silva celebrates (right) by scoring this goal for his teams

“The feeling in Barcelona is that Bernardo Silva wants to play for them, he wants to play in Barcelona, ​​he wants to come to the Nou Camp. I’m not sure about that, but it is said that the player spoke to Manchester City and Pep Guardiola, asking them to listen – at least to listen – to Barcelona’s proposals. So maybe there is a possibility that if Frankie de Jong leaves Barcelona for Manchester United, Bernardo Silva may arrive.

“But not just Kunde, not just Alonso, not just Aspilicueta, goal number one is Robert Lewandowski, and with this financial engineering, it seems that Robert Lewandowski could be closer.”

Will De Jong be at Man United?

Frankie de Jong
Frankie de Jong is a major target for Manchester United

“I said he would play for Manchester United for two reasons. First, he knows that Eric ten Haag wants him, that’s his wish. Manchester United is knocking on his door, an amazing club in the Premier League.

“Apart from the recent interest in Bernardo Silva, there is an economic problem and Barcelona believes that Frankie de Jong is the player with the greatest market value and the one from whom they can earn more money. We are talking about 70-80 million euros, which is a lot nowadays.

“I will say that there is a great opportunity for Frankie de Jong to leave the club, although he told Barcelona and his national team the Netherlands that he wants to stay in Barcelona. But Manchester United is a great option, so I would say it’s very close, especially since Frankie de Jong understands Barcelona’s poor economic situation. “

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