Bam Margera has left a rehabilitation center in Florida due to a sudden separation from his wife Nikki!

Sorry to say that Bam Margera and his wife Nicky Boyd have separated.

Only days later dirty he was a star declared missing from and later returned to a rehabilitation center in Florida, TMZ has learned that Bam’s disappearance was partly caused by the stress of parting with his wife.

According to a spokesman who spoke to the publication on his behalf on Sunday, he and Nikki broke up weeks ago. Since then, he has not been able to contact her or see his 4-year-old son, Phoenix wolf. They noted that she did not respond to any of his texts or calls and was not active in the process of his recovery.

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After the separation, he moved to a sober home, but after two weeks without receiving a response from Nikki, he spontaneously left without permission last week. It is alleged that he was also upset that he did not receive special treatment as a celebrity, according to the publication. Fortunately, he was found on Wednesday and readily returned to the treatment center.

It remains unclear whether Bam relapsed, but TMZ received a photo of the stuntman at a bar on Tuesday night, the day before found by police at a hotel in Delray Beach and escorted back to the facility after learning that Nikki had taken their son out of the state without telling him. In the photo, he is standing in front of several glasses, most of which contain unidentified clear liquid. It is not clear whether they are his drinks or not. Look TIMES.

This separation comes months after Nikki filed a request for full custody to their son in September. She did not file for divorce at the time, but asked Bam to communicate with Phoenix only during controlled visits. Interestingly, that the family moved together again in May, after the TV man completed an annual treatment program. There is still no news on what led to this split. We hope that this separation does not hinder Bam’s progress in sobriety.

[Image via Bam Margera/Instagram]

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