Avalanche defeated Lightning and took a 2-0 lead in the Stanley Cup final

DENVER (AP) – Looks like a far better team against the defending champion, in Colorado Avelanch buried Tampa Bay Lightning 7-0 in match 2 of the Stanley Cup final on Saturday to lead 2-0 in the best of seven.

Valery Nichushkin scored his seventh and eighth playoff goals and continued to be the best player on the ice in the final. more goals for everyone. MVP playoff leader Cale McCarthy scored twice in the third period, chanting “We want the Cup!” from a heated crowd.

Rarely have Lightning been completely outdone during this post-season series of successes, but they have also not faced an opponent like Avalanche, who is forcing them to make one uncharacteristic mistake after another. Colorado has dominated every aspect of the game to distance two wins from the franchise’s first title since 2001 and the first of that core led by Nathan McKinnon.

Avalanche go to Tampa for Game 3 on Monday night in the series, although there are no goals in the series from MacKinnon. However, they became only the third team in NHL history to score three or more goals in the first period of Games 1 and 2 in the final.

Dominant performance began with an early mistake by typically Lightning defender Eric Chernak when he scored the blue line in one of the first shifts of the match. Then it was Avalanche.

Their aggressive fork led them to take a penalty for veteran Ryan McDonough, the result of a powerful game that followed when Burakovsky fed Nichushkin for the first part of the evening. This was not his last, and Colorado dropped him with six of the first seven strokes of the game and complete territorial dominance with much of the game played at the end of Tampa Bay.

As Vassilevsky – whose game was the key to Lightning’s incredible ability to come back after losing the playoffs – looked shaky and even let go of his head after allowing Although to beat him cleanly in one of many 2-on-1 clashes, Avalanche did the most much of the time on their offensive zone. The team with the highest score this postseason made a clinic against the team that has played more hockey than anyone else in the last two years.

This can finally be reflected and exacerbated by the blazing speed with which Avalanche is playing. Again, they not only overtook Lightning, but used quick legs to force mistakes that turned into goals.

Tampa Bay fell to 18-2 after losing the first round in 2020. The 18-game streak ended in the Eastern Conference final against the New York Rangers, when Lightning trailed by 2-0 before returning, although difficult to see that the experienced Colorado falls into the same trap.

Even if players reject the concept of momentum from game to game during a series of playoffs, their chase over the champions, combined with a 7-0 road record, must fulfill the Avalanche with confidence. But they may have to dive into their depths again due to injuries.

After returning Andrew Collano after missing the first season with an injury to his right finger, the Avalanche lost again to Burakowski in the second period. Burakowski blocked a shot in the first match of the West finals and has been playing in pain ever since.

Colorado is causing a lot of pain to Tampa Bay, which resorts to some harsh things after falling behind. Of course, even MacKinnon threw goals in the third period, although the game was out of control.

Darcy Kumper was barely tested in the Colorado net, lifting off with 17 saves.

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