Austin is working to raise the legal age for buying AR-15 weapons

Austin, Texas, has joined a growing number of cities across the country in an effort to raise the minimum age for buying an assault rifle from 18 to 21.

The municipal council voted on Friday to approve a decision that will increase the age requirements.

According to the local branch of Fox Newsthe approval was included in the minutes of the Austin Municipal Council meeting on 16 June.

“It was prompted by Uwalde, by Buffalo, and both situations where you had 18-year-olds who could legally buy an AR-15 and cause destruction and kill other people,” City Council member Alison Alter told Fox.

The proposed change comes after several mass shootings, one of which left 21 dead in Uwalde, Texas, just two weeks ago. As a result, many lawmakers are proposing measures to reduce gun violence.

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“Every life lost is a life that could have been saved by not having access to any period of the AR-15,” Alter said.

Alter expressed his feeling as a parent, saying: “I am the parent of a high school student and everything we can do to restrict access to AR-15 makes my son safer and every other parent’s children in our community safer. ”

A bipartisan group of lawmakers in Washington announced an agreement on a historic weapons security package last week.

According to Reuters, the proposed measures include support for state “red flag” laws that protect firearms from potentially dangerous people, tougher checks on the criminal history of gun buyers under the age of 21 and repression of “straw purchases” by people, who buy weapons for others who cannot pass the test of the past. ”

However, the proposed measures in Washington do not include a change in the age of purchase of firearms.

Meanwhile, the proposed changes around Texas and the nation have been hailed. Texas Gun Sense CEO Nicole Golden shared her thoughts on global efforts to bring about change.

“As our children had to celebrate their last week of school, 21 lives were claimed in an act of indescribable gun violence at Rob Elementary School in Uwalde, Texas.” said Golden.

“Announcing the action of the Senate serves as a way to pay tribute to the victims of Uwalde and too many who were before them. “For nearly ten years, we have fought for sensible gun laws in our country, and this work will continue as we call on lawmakers to build on these achievements to make meaningful change that protects our communities,” she added.

Many advocates of the Second Amendment throughout the country oppose such measuresarguing that the proposed weapons safety legislation could violate the right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms.

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Austin is not the only place where you should consider raising the age to buy AR-15 style rifles. Rhode Island Legislature on Tuesday passed a bill banning the sale of weapons and ammunition to persons under 21 years of age. Last week, the new governor of Torquay, Katie Hochul, signed the measure raising the legal age for the purchase of such weapons from 18 to 21 years.

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