At the time of January. The 6th panel concludes that Trump will be dead against the rights of criminal intent

But perhaps the most humiliating for Trump was a series of videos in which the commission found that Trump himself had “dictated” a statement designed to put extreme pressure on Vice President Mike Pence to refuse to certify the January election. 6.

Despite the fact that several Trump aides testified that he and Pence told Trump that Eastman’s scheme was illegal, Trump issued a statement the day before the Capitol attack, saying: “The vice president and I fully agree that the vice president has the powers to act. “

The statement was clearly false and was made on Trump’s instructions, as a series of deposits played side by side established during Thursday’s hearing.

The former Vice Presidential Adviser Greg Jacob told the statement: “We were shocked and disappointed, because whoever wrote and released this statement is definitely wrong. “

Former Pence Chief of Staff Mark Short has testified that he immediately contacted Trump aide Jason Miller to register Pence’s discontent. When the lawyer in charge of the testimony said at the time that Trump had sent a “false” statement, Short replied: “I interpret the statement as false, I will let you know who sent it.”

Show the testimony of Trump aide Jason Miller. “He dictates most of it,” Miller said of Trump’s involvement in generating the statement. “I know in particular that he and I talked on the phone about him, and in the end, the way it came out was the way he wanted it,” Miller added.

First of all, the commission is also expected to address the role of Trump in an emergency meeting in the Oval Office in January. 3, in which Justice Department appointee Jeffrey Clark tried to persuade Trump to appoint him as acting attorney general. The meeting, which was attended by Trump, Clark, then-Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and then Deputy Attorney General Richard Donohue, continues to be one of the most reprehensible examples to date of Trump’s criminal intentions. The Washington Post write:

Rosen told Trump that the Justice Department could not “switch and change the election”, according to notes from the conversation, quoted by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“I don’t expect you to do that,” Trump said, according to the notes. “Just say the election was corrupt, and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen.” The president called on Rosen “just to hold a press conference.”

Rosen refused, and Trump eventually dismissed the threat after several people in the room assured him that Rosen’s dismissal would lead to mass resignations at the Justice Department. But most importantly, to prove criminal intent, Trump acknowledged that he knew the Justice Department could not change the results, he just wanted them to cast enough doubt on the electorate to allow him and his Republican supporter to commit. coup.

The other case in which Trump clearly acknowledged his corrupt intent to deceive American voters was phone call in which he ordered Georgian Secretary of State Brad Rafensperger to “found 11,780 votes “—the exact number he would need to overtake rival Joe Biden in the state.

Donald Trump has spent his entire life evading legal responsibility for his actions, making mysterious statements, claiming he did not know and diligently avoiding documentary involvement in corrupt practices.

But Trump’s panicked reaction to losing the 2020 election could be his demise. Jan. The 6th Commission firmly states that Trump knew he had lost the election and knew that Eastman’s hambath was illegal, but he directly pressured many people to help him deceive the American people. The end result of their efforts was an attempted coup in January. 6, which cost many lives, left hundreds injured and declared to the world that American democracy was faltering.

At some point, Attorney General Merrick Garland will have to decide whether to prosecute a former president. Jan. Panel 6 quickly made the prospect of Garland giving way unimaginable, though unfortunately not impossible.

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