Armed protesters demanded they leave the holiday on June 10th

Franklin, Ten. (WSMV) – Two different protest groups were asked to leave the center of Franklin on Saturday after trying to disrupt the June 10 holiday.

Franklin police said one of the groups consisted of people carrying signs reading “White Life Matters” and “Stop Replacing Whites.” They added that another group, which said it was a buffer between festival goers and the other group, included people who were armed and wearing ballistic vests.

Members of each group also reportedly handed out brochures saying they were protesting because “the anti-white system is involved in our physical genocide” to festival goers before police arrived.

Authorities demanded that both groups leave, and they complied. No violence or arrests were reported after Franklin’s officers intervened.

In addition to the confrontation, there were big smiles for the celebration, organized by the Franklin Coalition for Justice and Justice.

“It brings people together and you get a network,” said Carol Johnson. “It shows the world that we can unite and unite to do different things.”

More than 100 companies, food retailers and churches participated in the event.

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