Arizona House Speaker describes harassment his family faced while daughter was “seriously ill”

Representative Bowers talks about the huge number of emails and phone calls he has received from Trump supporters, the truck and screen campaigns in front of his office and home, claiming he is a “pedophile” on display and “hot speakers” in his neighborhood and everyone else. dirty tricks we expect from Trump’s world of perverted projectionists. But he also revealed some of the profound suffering and emotional impact these lies, popularized by Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Ron Johnson, Josh Hawley, Lauren Biebert, Jim Jordan and many other Republican officials, have had on his family.

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Representative Bowers’ 42-year-old daughter Casey Ray Bowers died on January 28, 2021 after a long illness. She cared for her 20-year-old son Lorenzo, as well as the Speaker Bowers and his wife, Doneta. Bowers paid a touching tribute to Casey after her death.

While the rap. Bowers protected the voices of Arizona residents from the clutches of fascists like Trump, and his family cared for their daughter. There are reasons to protest against officials and Rusty Bowers, and most people on this website probably disagree about 99.9% of most policy plans, but we can all agree that every vote counts and that in 2020, Joe Biden received more votes than Donald Trump.

Protesters in front of rep. Bowers’ home in Arizona was brought there by bad actors like Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump, right-wing media like Fox News and OAN, and other elected Republican officials like Jim Jordan and Ron Johnson. Shame on them all.

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