Archer is making his way through the difficulties to join the United States

CORPS CHRISTIE, Texas – The World Archery Championship 3D upcoming and for the first time one of the Coastal Bend will represent the US team. Kristen Johnston won a place on the national team while traveling to Terni, Italy in late August. It was a great journey for her to get there.

“On team tests, I looked at my other two female athletes because you are a group of peers on the last day. I looked at them and said I had to tell my mother that I had become a US team, “said Johnston.

A Disney movie sparked her curiosity as a child, and then her racing journey began after she married another shooter.

“When I was a kid, my parents played Robin Hood for me, the cartoon with the fox, the rabbits, the chickens and all that. My brother and I were completely obsessed, “she said.

“My parents bought us two bows. We shot all the time. In fact, we shot so many on the roof that they took one of our bows. But that’s good because we’re best friends.”

As with any dream, it was not easy.

Three years ago, Johnston missed one place for the team. This time she put more effort into making the team. But this was not her first obstacle.

In 1999, she was involved in a car accident that would cause severe brain injuries to her and her brother. Johnston had to learn to walk and talk again.

“He’s my best friend,” Johnston said. “After 17 years of caring for him because he became a special needs with a closed head injury, he died.”

To achieve his goal, Johnston thought he could train 2 hours a day, shoot 200 arrows and be good.

But life had other plans.

“As you know, life happens,” she said. “My mother ended up with stage IV cancer, and we’re just trying to get through it. My father completed two eye surgeries. My husband had his biceps off. We are still working. I am still raising two young children. So, what I found out is that if I want to do this, I’m going to do it.

She took the time to care for and relocate her mother, who was diagnosed in January. After 10 weeks of chemotherapy, she was halfway through the treatment.

“She’s doing a little better,” Johnston said. “She is on holiday right now and we hope to give her the best possible rest of her life. It’s incredibly difficult, but we are an incredibly close and strong family.”

The training continues despite everything that life offers Johnston. In addition, the archery team is self-financing. So it was Johnston simultaneous fundraising. Because what it means to represent the country is rooted in its history.

“My father is a wounded soldier, called up, a veterinarian in Vietnam. My master’s degree is in public administration. So my patriotism and my love for the country are very, very deep, “Johnston said.

Johnston is short of about $ 1,300 from his goal to pay all the expenses for the tournament network. To help you can find her GoFundMe page here.

You can keep up with Johnston’s trip with her Facebook page.

The World Cup will be held in September. 5 to Sept. 10. There are four different divisions in which athletes can compete, separate competitions for men and women.

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