Apple iOS 16: edit iMessage, cancel cancellation features raise concerns about abuse

Apple iOS 16: US-based Apple recently announced the latest iPhone software update, iOS 16, which brings many new features to the company’s mobile operating system. Now, a new report suggests that Apple’s new features for editing and canceling iMessage in iOS 16 raise concerns about audience abuse.

This year, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2022, the technology giant announced several new features coming to iMessage in iOS 16. According to AppleInsider, the first will be the ability to edit recently sent messages, allowing senders to correct typos they may not have noticed by the time they pressed send, the IANS report said.

The second was the ability to “cancel sending” messages and delete them entirely from a conversation. While many users are appreciating these upcoming changes, others are wondering if the features could be used for bad purposes, the report added.

Some are even concerned that Apple has exceeded its limits and does not take consumer privacy and security seriously enough, promising consumers the opportunity to change what they have sent to others, he added.

With the new iOS 16, users can now lock hidden photos with Touch ID or Face ID. This means you no longer have to hide a photo that your friends will find in the folders section. However, the hidden folder will still be visible in the Photos section of the Photos app. But there will be a lock symbol on the right side. If someone tries to open the hidden folder, iPhone will immediately launch Face ID / Touch ID, looking for the registered face / fingerprint.

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