Another Republican rises as Speaker of the Arizona Chamber to testify before committee 1/6

Rusty Bowers, the Republican chairman of the Arizona House of Representatives, will testify before the 1/6 commission about the pressure of Giuliani and Trump on him to cancel the election.

CNN reported:

Rusty Bowers, a Republican and spokesman for the Arizona State House, is expected to testify at Tuesday’s hearing, which focused on former President Donald Trump’s pressure on government officials to undo Joe Biden’s 2020 victory, according to a source familiar with the matter. the question.

Bowers will join Georgia election officials Brad Rafensperger and Gabe Stirling, who will be part of a panel before the commission on January 6, detailing Trump’s campaign to force the United States to repeal its certified election results.

Witnesses who come out are Republicans who talk in detail about how Trump and Rudy Giuliani pushed them to cancel the 2020 election.

Mike Pence is the key Republican who still needs to step up and tell the nation the story of his experience when Trump tried to recruit him to take part in a coup, and when he refused, Trump prompted a mob to attack him.

There are growing calls for Pence to step up and testify publiclyand even if he did not, many Republicans and people working in the Trump administration took part in these hearings to stand up to educate the nation about the Oval Office’s coup attempt.

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