Americans are retiring from vacations, travel and restaurants to save money

Biden’s economy is collapsing and deteriorating. More Americans are eating less outside and refraining from taking breaks this year because of what Biden has done with their income.

Biden’s economy crushes most Americans with high gas prices, high electricity and high food prices. A former presidential adviser to President Trump said last week that real 25% inflation in those areas was killing the middle class.

The real inflation for the vast majority of Americans is far higher than reported: Steve Cortes destroys a huge increase of 25% in “essential goods” such as gas, food and utilities (VIDEO)

We see it in the stock market, where at least one of President Trump’s economists predicts that markets will fall much more in the coming months due to Biden’s economic policies.

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Top Economist Hasset: You will see interest rates rise every month this year, entering 2023 – The stock market is halfway to its bottom (VIDEO)

So it’s no wonder that Americans eat less outside. IN Washington Post announced today:

More and more Americans are refraining from booking flights, trimming, building backyard pools and replacing old cracked roofs – some of the new signs that the consumer engine of US economic growth may be losing steam.

In the last few weeks, households have already cut big ticket purchases due to rising prices, but in a worrying twist, data shows that consumers are also starting to push the brakes on eating out, vacation plans and even routine services such as manicures, haircuts and meetings for home cleaning. Business owners across the country say rising prices, declining savings and fears of a deteriorating economy are influencing household spending decisions.

Biden’s economy is deteriorating only without plans to fix the mess they created. What a corrupt mess we are in.

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