American changing gun laws share similar ideals as Mao, Hitler, Castro, and others.

History has taught us that the first thing dictators do is disarm their population before they start censoring, imprisoning and even killing those who oppose them.

Just looking at the achievements of nations that have intervened to disarm their citizens sheds full light on the potential threat posed by America’s modern and often “awakened” state.

Mao Zedong, the founder of communist China, he said once“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The Communist Party must command all the cannons; in this way, weapons can never be used to command the group.

An estimated 65 million Chinese died as a result of Mao’s repeated, relentless attempts to create a new “socialist” China. Anyone who stood in his way was quickly silenced or removed by execution, imprisonment, or forced starvation.

of Mao first action after taking control of China in 1949, it had to seize all weapons from the population. Anyone found with a weapon after confiscation was executed.

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There are many more examples besides Mao. Hitler took up arms against the Jews in November 1938, and the Holocaust followed. Of course, Fidel Castro in Cuba has thrown his nation into isolation and financial despair, leaving it without any means to fight for its freedom when it disarms its entire country. In recent history, it was the disarmament of Venezuela that was the first signal of the nation’s spiral of despair.

At a rally in Havana before Castro took power, he said“This is how democracy works: it gives guns to farmers, students, women, blacks, the poor and every citizen who is ready to defend a just cause.

But this position on weapons was quickly reversed when he took office. For a period of three weeks after Castro took control, Radio Havana warned: “All citizens must surrender their weapons. Civilians must take up arms in police stations, soldiers in military headquarters. “

Those who do not comply were punished not by criminal courts, but by the terrible ones Revolutionary tribunals. This mercenary-style rule sentenced thousands of Cubans to death after Castro took office.

More recently, we have seen Canada begin the process of completely disarming its citizens.

According to a CBC reportthe Canadian leadership has introduced new gun control legislation that includes a national freeze on the purchase, sale, import and transfer of pistols in Canada.

The move comes as the most ambitious attempt to curb access to firearms in the country.

Although the measure is not a complete ban on pistols, it would effectively limit the number of firearms in Canada.

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And that brings us to the United States, where talks to ban assault rifles, certain ammunition, and red flag laws are taking over current leadership initiatives.

Some of the nation’s most “progressive” political leaders have used the recent wave of mass shootings as an excuse to disarm Americans. They called for such wild ideas as a 1000% tax of assault rifles, which essentially makes them impractical to purchase.

Even President Biden began calling 9mm munitions high-caliber munitions that should be banned.

The latest round of gun laws that are making their way through Washington includes the so-called providing a red flag allowing local authorities to create and administer laws that help ensure that deadly weapons are kept out of the hands of persons “the court has determined to pose a significant danger to themselves or others”.

The danger of this type of law, a precursor to the disarmament of all citizens, is that the parameters are unclear, which allows the courts to remove weapons in case of speculation and to get involved in the proper process after the fact.

Voting power may still be the greatest weapon that Americans must remain armed and protected under the Second Amendment. But if Americans do not vote for these rights, the nation may soon turn into a dictatorship that has ruined the lives and existence of millions of others.

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