Al Pacino wants Timothy Shalame to take on his role

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Michael Mann has a sequel Heat on the road, but it’s not a movie yet. Mann’s first novel (written with Meg Gardiner), Heat 2is set to appear in stores August 9the same day Heat gets long awaited 4K reboot on Blu-ray. The novel revisits Al Pacino’s character Vincent Hannah, serving both as a sequel and a prequel to the crime classic. While Pacino, now 82, is too old to reprise his role in the next act, it turns out that the iconic actor has an idea of ​​who could take his shoes – Timothy Shalame.

Pacino, who attended the screening of Heat in his new 4K transfer to the Tribeca Film Festival with co-star Robert De Niro and producer Art Linson, he made the offer when asked who he thought could replace him in the part he answered (according to Deadline), “Timothy Shalame … He’s a wonderful actor.”

While some hardcore fans may scoff at the idea, Pacino may be thinking of something. Chalamet’s record is growing and he likes the latest movies The king and Dune have proven that his talent is the real deal. While Shalamet, twenty-six, is too young to play Hannah in Heat sequel (Pacino was fifty-five when the first film came out), if there is a prehistory component, he could certainly play the role The Godfather, Part II– style.

Here is the synopsis for Heat 2 novel through the publisher:

One day after the end of the Heat, Chris Shicherlis (Val Kilmer) is hiding in the Korean Quarter, wounded, half-lost and desperately trying to escape from LA. He is being chased by Los Angeles Police Detective Vincent Hannah (Al Pacino). Hours earlier, Hannah had killed Schicherlis’ brother in arms, Neil McCauley (De Niro), in a shootout under stroboscopes at the foot of the LAX track. Now Hannah is determined to capture or kill Shicherlis, the last survivor of McCauley’s crew before he fled the city.

In 1988, seven years earlier, McCauley, Shicherlis, and their highline crew were performing on the West Coast, the U.S.-Mexico border, and now in Chicago. Guided, daring, they draw money and live a living life. And Chicago homicide detective Vincent Hannah – a man who does not reconcile with his story – follows his vocation, the pursuit of armed and dangerous men in dark and wild places, pursuing an ultraviolet gang of invaders.
Meanwhile, the aftermath of McCauley’s results and the persecution of Hannah have had unexpected consequences in a parallel story in the years since Heat.

Heat 2 falls into bookstores August 9. You can order the book in advance TIMES and 4K Blu-ray TIMES!!

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