Al Pacino says Timothy Shalame should play his role in “Heat 2”

After 27 years of tracking “Heat“She is almost here. Screenwriter and director Michael Mann released a sequel to his favorite crime epic on August 9 in the form of a novel called Heat 2. The book will follow the lives of the main criminal Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) and the obsessive lieutenant detective. Vincent Hannah (Al Pacino) before and after the events of his 1995 film.

When asked who can play a lieutenant. Hannah in a potential film adaptation of the sequel, Pacino made a proposal that was met with loud applause.

“Timothy Shalame,” Pacino said Friday night at the United Palace Theater in Washington Heights, Manhattan. “I mean, he’s a wonderful actor. Great look. ”

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the film, c Tribeca Festival held a question and answer panel that included retro stars Pacino and De Niro, as well as longtime producer Art Linson. Moderated by journalist Bilge Ebiri, the conversation was followed by a 4K screening of the 1995 film.

The celebration was postponed by two years due to restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of people, mostly without masks, lined up around the West 176th Street block to attend the event. Before the actors took the stage, audience members were quickly reminded of the presence of the virus when Mann appeared via video message announcing that he was unable to attend the panel after passing a positive COVID test.

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Film producer Art Linson and actors Robert De Niro and Al Pacino attend the photo shoot “Heat” during the Tribeca 2022 festival.
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Not surprisingly, Pacino and De Niro were greeted with applause when they first took the stage.

“The idea of ​​these two being in this movie is something that almost everyone would say, ‘That’s a good idea,'” Linson recalled.

Fans in the crowd shouted some of the film’s iconic quotes throughout the panel, sometimes disorienting Pacino’s thoughts. One of the most recognizable lines is when Pacino shouts: “Because she has a great ass! And you raised your head to the end! ”During a scene of interrogation with the hero of Hank Azaria. Earlier, Azaria revealed that the final version of the film included his true reaction to reading Pacino’s lines.

“[Michael Mann] “Shoot like a million takes, I think Pacino got bored and screamed ‘Great ass!’

When Ebiri noticed this amusing fact, Pacino was just as surprised.

“Seriously?” Pacino asked. “What about this? I didn’t know it was going to happen! “

When asked if they had done any research to prepare for their roles, De Niro looked at Pacino and shrugged.

“I robbed several banks,” De Niro said with a playful smile.

De Niro and Pacino began to paint the picture that much of the weight of their performances came from pure instinct. As it turns out, many of their scenes in “Heat” were solved during the filming – including this famous scene in a diner.

“Al and I didn’t rehearse the stage,” De Niro said. “We just decided it was better to just do it.”

The scene in which Hannah and McCauley reveal their own strict ideologies over a cup of coffee is the first sequence in the history of cinema where the two iconic actors share the screen together. The confrontation has been praised over the past few decades for its fine tension and organic tempo, which Pacino attributes to De Niro’s listening skills.

“I’ve often said to people who have asked me about working with him, ‘You can do anything with Bob.’ No matter what you do, he’ll hear it, react to it, and get in touch with him,” Pacino said. “It’s a real luxury to be with such a person. Because whatever you do, he understands. He is always there, ready. “

He continued: “I guess it’s kind of like tennis. In your movies, you have to keep hitting the ball over the net and it will reach the other person. It’s all a smooth rhythm that you get if you listen. “

De Niro, on the other hand, praised Mann’s attention to detail. “He takes the time to make them special,” the actor said. De Niro also remembered the culmination of the film, shot in a real hotel and the letters at the Los Angeles International Airport.

“We were filming on the weekends, I think Saturday and Sunday in downtown LA, because you had to use those streets and they were busy during the week,” De Niro said. “It was part of all the precision… It hasn’t been seen in movies before and it was special and memorable and you know you’re part of that kind of thing.”

De Niro said the film’s accuracy has expanded as it has been trained by professionals to shoot with machine guns.

“We used rounds, real live rounds, while practicing all this stuff,” De Niro said.

While Pacino acknowledged that the great performances added to the film’s authenticity, he praised the editors for making the actors look better.

“Never forget the editors,” Pacino said. I always feel, “Hey, this editor made me look better than I was.”

Pacino, who said he did the editing himself, shared a piece of advice for the young directors.

“I would recommend to any actor, producer, director, editor – see the film before it is locked, because it’s hard to remake something you can’t do anything about,” Pacino said. “If you see your pipe at the beginning of the movie, there’s a chance you’ll find someone to listen to.”

He went on to share what happened when he tried out this fickle game plan on The Godfather.

“I put a bunch of notes on Francis Ford Coppola’s desk, and he said, ‘Fuck.’ Sometimes it works,” Pacino said with a shrug and a smile.

Paramount Plus’ limited edition The Offer, which ended earlier this week, tells the story of how The Godfather was created. When asked if he had watched the show, Pacino said enthusiastically, “Of course, why not watch it? This is the story of my life! “

Concluding the conversation, Ebiri asked if a film like “Heat” could be made in the contemporary Hollywood landscape.

“I mean, a lot worse films are being made now than Heat, so why couldn’t Heat be made now?” Linson said.

While acknowledging that the world has changed, Pacino said he believes streaming services are still interested in creating high-budget blockbusters.

“Netflix has made The Irishman, so it’s doable, but it’s still difficult,” Pacino said. “I think Netflix, Amazon or one of them could make a big picture like Heat, and they would like to do the same.”

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