Aiza Gonzalez and Jason Momoa separated

As soon as we move away from the separation of “Aquaman” with his beloved wife, he presents a new surprise.

For the second time this year, Jason Momoa remains a bachelor because he spent only four months with Aiza Gonzalez and after the relationship suffered the same fate. “They’re just very different people,” a source said Tuesday.

But the second insider still gave fans hope that they still have the opportunity to revive such tender feelings. “Jason Momoa and Aiza Gonzalez love each other very much, they went out quietly for a while before it became public. But they are at different stages of life,” said an acquaintance of the celebrity.

The relationship between the two colleagues began in February, just a month after he announced his separation from his ex-wife Lisa Bonet.

“It’s not very serious now and the two of them just see what’s going on. The stars spend time together when they can and work between their two fast-paced schedules,” said a source at the time.

But the truth is that Asa is already thinking about a serious relationship, but Momoa has not yet moved away from marrying his ex-wife.

She is more inclined to a long-term perspective with obvious results and plans for a common future than to chance meetings. However, in January, Momoa and Bonet shocked the audience with a joint statement announcing their separation four years after the couple agreed at the altar.

“The love between us continues, develops as it wants to be known and experienced. We free each other from being what we want to be. Our devotion to this sacred life is unwavering … We teach our children to what is possible “, stars summarized.

In a previous post, Summer fings didn’t seem to mean anything, at least for Timothy Shalame.

His romance with 30-year-old Mexican actress Aiza Gonzalez did not last long. As early as June, the couple embarked on a scenic five-day trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they said they “could not break up”. Timothy and Asa were on a private plane with another couple and were later spotted kissing on a deck chair.

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