Agnipath scheme: BJP unites its leaders to establish strong protection for Agnipath scheme

Faced with protests across the country over Agnipat scheme, on BJP on Friday he gathered his leaders to raise a stout PROTECTION of the new recruitment initiative in the Armed Forces, with its Chief Executive Officer and Minister of Defense Rajnat Singh defining it as a “golden opportunity” for youth to serve the country. Party leaders also praised the decision to raise the upper limit for recruiting Scheme of Agnipath at the age of 23 out of 21 for this year. BJP President JP Nadda said this shows that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is fully covered by the care of young people in the country and strives for their bright future.

The government on Thursday night raised the upper age limit for recruitment under the Agnipath scheme to 23 years from 21 for 2022 amid mass protests against the new model for enrolling soldiers in the three services.

Stressing that the intention of the government is very clear and sensitive, Union Minister

Singh said the recruitment process would begin in a few days and called on all young people to start preparing for it.

Evaluating the decision to raise the age limit under the Agnipath scheme, Union Minister Pralhad Joshi said the decision would inspire the country’s young people to show courage and serve the nation through the Agnipath scheme.

“Our Agniveer, dedicated to the service of Bharat Mata, will be an invaluable fund for the nation,” he said.

Amid the protests, Union Minister Anurag Thakur posted a video on Twitter showing him interacting with a group of young people in his constituency of Hamirpur and clearing up doubts about the scheme.

“Clear up doubts and make young people aware of the Indian government’s vision behind this scheme,” Thakur said, adding that he had informed them that the Agnivpath scheme was an innovative attempt to get young people to serve the country through army and provide them with employment opportunities and skills.

During the four years of work under the Agnipath scheme, Agniveers will receive about 20 lakhs of salary in addition to other benefits and a lump sum of 10-12 lakhs at the end of the term, Thakur said.

Unveiling the scheme on Tuesday, the government said young people between the ages of 17 and a half and 21 would be introduced for a four-year term, while 25 per cent of recruits would be detained for regular service. On Thursday, the upper age limit was raised to 23 years.

The new scheme for recruiting soldiers in the army, navy and Air force was envisaged by the government as a major overhaul of the ten-year selection process to improve the youth profile of the three services.

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