Activists’ advice: “Close f% * k up”

These no longer young white people have some extremely good advice for activists in any movement, including direct action or interaction with the police:

Woman: Oh, hello!

Man: We were just talking about you kids.

Woman: I’m Denise Heberle …

Man: … and I’m Bill Goodman.

D: We have been fighting fascism together for more than 50 years …

B: … and so much has changed in those 50 years, like the ingredients for a successful fire bomb …

E:… and the glass from which the bank windows are made.

B: But there is one thing that has not changed for 50 years, something that is so important to tell you, children who are new to this movement.

Both: Shut the hell up.

D: You are sitting in the police transport after a protest.

B: Shut the hell up.

B: In a cell with your comrades.

D: Shut the hell up.

D: The cop is knocking on your door.

B: Shut the hell up.

D: Send text messages to an unsecured device.

B: Shut the hell up.

B: Stopped by the cops after a protest.

D: Shut the hell up.

D: The cop is just asking about your day.

B: Shut the hell up.

B: Are the feds calling your mother?

D: Tell your mother to shut up, damn it.

B: Now, repeat after me: when the cops call, what do you do?

Group of younger people: Shut the hell up.

The video was released to the public by the National Guild of Lawyers in Detroit and Michigan. Share it with your friends.

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