“Absolutist of freedom of speech” Elon Musk fires employees for writing a letter criticizing Elon Musk

According to times, SpaceX executives said the letter included the option for people to sign their names and that some employees, according to SpaceX President Guin Shotwell, felt “uncomfortable, scared and harassed and / or angry because the letter forced them to sign something.” which does not reflect their views. ” More importantly, Shotwell writes, “We have too much critical work to do and there is no need for this kind of excessive activism.” How many employees were fired is unknown at the time of writing.

In an unrelated story, the day before SpaceX was a terrible employer, Elon Musk was in the public domain writing about how he is now a Republican:

You may also remember how Elon pretended to be a man in March “Absolutist of freedom of speech.” Absolutely full of nonsense? [Rim shot]. Like Judd Legham reported in April, Musk’s act of “freedom of speech” is one of two things: the lies of a man who is simply deliberately trying to manipulate himself more and more in power; the lies of a man who has smelled his own farts so much that his ability to distinguish between words, ideas, and what they each mean is irrevocably compromised.

For someone who claims that buying a social media site will be able to usher in a new and celebrated era of “freedom,” Musk seems either too unintelligent to understand or (more likely) not particularly interested in how the power of his wealth means that mostly only Elon Musk has unlimited freedom of everything.

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