Abby Lee Miller criticizes Maddie Ziegler: She loved dancing mothers!

In a recent interview, Maddie Ziegler talks about the trauma and Abby Lee Miller after years of Dancing mothers.

Already a young adult, she is more aware than ever of how toxic this environment has been for her.

Maddie is in therapy. She is also perfectly happy to never talk to Miller again.

Now Miller herself is talking, blaming Maddie for doing the show and acting like he’s another victim.

Abbey Lee Miller set to work her YouTube channel which looks like a weird, fake talk show.

She responded to Maddie Ziegler’s interview with Cosmopolitan, beginning with congratulations on her hard work.

From there, Miller is determined to share all of Maddie’s experiences Dancing mothers.

“What I do not understand [about] the pressure, the “toxic” situation, “Miller complains.

Then she asks, “If it was so toxic, why keep doing it?”

“I had to, I tried many times to leave,” Miller continued, “and I was forced to return to the set because I signed a contract.”


“Newsflash: The kids in the original cast never had a contract,” Miller said.

“The mothers had a contract,” she said.

“But the children, well,” Miller described, “they were just there shaking hands.”

Dance Moms Trailer: Abby Lee Miller thinks your child sucks!  Hard!

“I thought he wanted to be there,” Miller said.

“If she said, ‘I don’t want to walk, I won’t walk,’ kicking and screaming, stamping my feet,” she continued.

Then Miller speculated, “I’m sure her mother wouldn’t bring her.”

Abbey Lee Miller continued, “Otherwise she would have come and talked to me about it.”

She claims: “She never did that.”

Miller went so far as to claim that Maddie was “at home” in her studio.

Abbey Lee Miller pierces her heart
Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller issued a dramatic warning to a group of children while mimicking the piercing of a human heart model. Hmm.

“Everyone there knew her name,” she rejoiced.

Miller then continued, “Now the whole world knows her name.”

In a possible attempt at Maddie’s guilt, Miller called her “the kid I loved.”

Abbey Lee Miller is annoyed
Abbey Lee Miller does NOT look happy in this season 7 photo. But does she ever look happy?!?

She insisted: “I fought for all these children to be the best they can be on television.”

As we all watched in horror, Miller took this “battle” seriously, bombarding these children with verbal violence.

Miller went on to claim that she put her own “career at stake” to get Maddie to work with Sia.

Abby Lee Miller in Season 8
Abbey Lee Miller is no longer the host of Dance Moms. But this photo is from an early episode of season 8.

“I know that what I did for Maddie, with Maddie, helped her succeed,” she insisted.

In other words, Miller thinks Maddie is ungrateful for the vicious environment Miller created.

She also seems to be accusing Maddie, who was 8 years old when the show began, of being a part of it.

Abby Lee Miller in the trailer for Season 8 of Dance Moms
Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller speaks to the camera in the trailer for season 8 of the hit series.

Abbey Lee Miller also spoke with TMZexpressing embarrassment that Maddie did not feel close to her.

“Spending hours, days, weeks and years together in a crazy reality TV show, we became like a family,” she said.

I guess Stockholm Syndrome doesn’t work as reliably as it used to.

Abby Lee Miller in a wheelchair
Abby Lee Miller’s diagnosis of Burkitt’s lymphoma began with rapidly spreading paralysis. Unfortunately, doctors fear she will never walk again.

Apparently, Abby Lee Miller also raised her personal trials in an obvious request for sympathy.

“I don’t think she realizes what I went through in prison, what I went through in the hospital,” she said at the time.

Miller concluded, “What is chemotherapy, what is it like to be in a wheelchair.”

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