Aaron Taylor-Johnson calls the “Craven Hunter” an animal lover

Aaron Taylor-Johnson called his version of The hunter Craven animal lover.

As early as 2012, Sony began creating its own small cinematic universe on Spider-Man to match what was happening with Marvel. These plans eventually collapsed and burned when The Incredible Spiderman 2, who created several of these films, did not perform at the box office and provoked negative reactions from fans and critics. However, the studio decided to move forward with several solo films based on the antagonist of the character.

The first was Tom Hardy Poison which was not good received by critics, but was a huge box office success. With the success of the film, Sony began to develop more Spider Man spinoff movies. They include Morbius, Madame Webband Aaron Taylor-Johnson The hunter Craven.

In the comics, Kraven The Hunter is the antagonist of Spider-Man, who is a big game hunter. Obsessed with proving himself the greatest hunter in the world, Craven turned his gaze to a web slingshot that he considered the greatest prey of all. The hero also sometimes acted as an ally of Spider-Man and as an antihero. However, the way Aaron Taylor-Johnson describes his version of the character seems to indicate that he will fall into the role of anti-hero.

In a recent interview with DiversityAaron Taylor-Johnson discussed his role as The hunter Craven where, strange as it may seem, he calls the big game hunter an animal lover:

“He is just a hunter, a man of convictions. Animal lover and protector of the natural world. He’s a very, very cool character. “

Aaron Taylor-Johnson heads the Craven Hunter cast and is joined by Russell Crowe, Fred Hatchinger, Ariana DeBoz, Christopher Abbott, Alessandro Nivola and Levi Miller. The film was directed by JC Chandor and written by Matt Holloway, Art Markham and Richard Wenk. Avi Arad, Amy Pascal and Matt Tolmach are the producers of the film.

The hunter Craven is currently scheduled to hit theaters on January 13, 2023. Stay tuned for all the latest news about the upcoming Aaron Taylor-Johnson film and be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel of Heroic Hollywood for more original video content.

Source: Diversity

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