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TechCrunch is more than just a site with words. We are also building growing stability from podcasts focused on the most critical topics related to the world of start-ups and venture capital. Below are the latest from TechCrunch podcast Fromm Darrell who talks to TC writers about their own stories of the week; Chain reactionour crypto-focused podcast hosted by Lucas and Anita; Foundlong work that goes deep into the real saga of creating a company from Jordan and Darrell; and Equity, our long-standing Webby Award-winning podcast focused on venture capital and the latest startup news hosted by Natasha, Mary Ann and Alex. TechCrunch live I took a break this week. Don’t forget to subscribe where you listen to podcasts!

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This week, Darrell mixes things up and talks to Kurt Knight, who is not a TC writer but is a senior director of marketing for Apple’s platform products, who comes to talk about WWDC and Apple’s continuity updates. We are also talking to Lucas Matney about the former CEO of OpenSea, whose arrest has alarmed the crypto world. And as always, you will get a brief overview of the most important news for the week of TechCrunch.

Articles from the episode:

Other news of the week:

Chain reaction

This week, Anita and Lucas are discussing another stressful week for crypto markets, which has pushed even bullish investors to bearish territory. They also talked about the growing efforts to regulate the cryptocurrency and Jack Dorsey’s latest effort, called “web5”. They also spoke with Aaron Levy, CEO of enterprise software company Box. Although his daily work has nothing to do with the blockchain, he has drawn the wrath of many crypto venture capitalists to share thoughts on Twitter about why web3 won’t work. They talked to Levi about some of his biggest complaints and what it would take to invest in cryptocurrency.

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This week, Darrell and Jordan are talking to two founders who have just stepped off the stage from TC Sessions: Mobility Pitch-Off. In the first place is Eloe Guillotine, co-founder and CEO of Beyond Aero, which makes long-range electric aircraft possible through the use of hydrogen-electric propulsion. They then spoke with Jim Gibbs, co-founder and CEO of Meter Feeder, which has a mission to provide a low-cost payment and enforcement solution for small and medium-sized parking governments through the API.

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This is Equity Monday from Alex and Grace which started the week with a brief overview of the biggest stories. This week:

  • Shares are falling around the world, with almost every major index we checked falling 2% or more.
  • Crypto prices are in the tank, with bitcoin and ether losing double-digit percentage points on the last day; the mess in the crypto land is deep this morning.
  • Celsius Network is falling apart, despite the huge recent fundraiser. What exactly happens next is not clear, but it doesn’t look good for the company, judging by its imploding price of the symbol.
  • The better news is that the Latin American start-up scene has increased its capital reserves again just before the world takes the risk, suggesting that the region may be well-capitalized for the rest of the year.
  • The remarks on Twitter by the CEO of Coinbase, after some of the company’s employees expressed dissatisfaction, were noticeable, both in tone and in terms of PR strategy.

    In Equity Wednesday, the team focuses on one topic, considers an issue and unpacks the others. This week Natasha and Alex welcomed a TechCrunch reporter Hajje Jan Kamps, who before and between his journalistic careers spent years as a founder and venture capitalist. Together, the trio asked: How can companies use math in the coming months to make our lives harder and more complicated, also known as the truth?

    Mary Ann and Alex are back with you for their Friday episode of Equity, and while much of the news in the launching ground is a bit lacking these days – you may have noticed a change in mood on Twitter! – They also found good news.

    Here is the summary:

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