A woman who unknowingly drove the killer of Nipsy Hastel testified

IN trial against Eric Holder Jr. continued on Monday with the testimony of key witnesses at the scene, where Nipsy Hassel was forcibly executed three years ago. According to Rolling stone, the first to testify was one of the two men injured when Nipsy Hastel was shot several times in a car park in South Central, Los Angeles. The witness recalled that he probably heard the words of the rapper.

“He shot me. He shot me, “Hassel said as he lay bleeding on the ground in front of his Marathon clothing store after the shooter fled the scene, witness Shermi Villanueva, 47, recalled in court. Villanueva and his uncle, Kerry Latan, were talking to Hassel as they stood between two parked cars moments before the suspect approached and opened fire.

Villanev remembers hearing several shots before seeing Nipsi fall to the ground.

“I heard it and then I saw Nipsi fall. When I looked and saw Nipsi, I started running.

Villanueva also testified that he had never heard the shooter speak before opening fire. There was no sense that anyone was in danger, leading to the deadly attack, he testified.

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The escape driver said Eric Holder wanted to hit her

Brianita Nicholson, who posed for a photo with the rapper before he was killed, testified that she acted as Eric Holder’s driver unwittingly during the trial of Nipsy Hussle. Nicholson, a 35-year-old home health aide, reportedly met with Holder while working as a Lyft driver. She described their relationship as a casual dating relationship without any restrictions. On the day of Hussle Holder’s death, he directed her to the parking lot of The Marathon store, where he engaged the Grammy winner in a “whistleblower” conversation.

“Did you say I brought it?” Holder asked Hassel; she testified before the jury. She said Holder is strong but not aggressive.

“He didn’t sound crazy.”

Nicholson said Hassel posed for a photo with her, and a short time later she and Holder walked around the block. Holder began loading bullets into a black semi-automatic pistol as he sat in his car. She testified, asking him to put the gun away, and he obeyed. Holder then jumped out of the car and told her not to leave until he returned a few minutes later, she tested. She said she saw Holder turn the corner to the Hussle store and then heard multiple shots. Holder then reappeared and asked to drive in a stern voice.

I was like, “What happened?” He said, “Drive!” [He said] I talk too much. It’s like I’m going to be slapped, “she tests.

Nicholson drove Holder back to Long Beach and testified that she had heard that Hassel had been killed later that night. Holder, 32, pleaded not guilty to one count of manslaughter and two counts of attempted first-degree murder for injuring Villanueva and Latan.

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