A woman claims to have received a vial of human blood in a box with a chair, which she ordered from Amazon

A New York woman claims to have received a vial of something that appears to be human blood with an order from Amazon.

Jen Begakis says she ordered a chair from the retail giant she received.

There was a tube of blood in the box with the chair.

“If I told you that the leather chair I ordered from Amazon was packed with a blood collection tube that was full of it, would you believe me?” Begakis wrote on Twitter.

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“Because I’m lost for … words.”

“I’m terrified, so confused,” the woman continued, including a short video of the bottle and the box. She added: “I take nine souls out of fear.”

“I am so deeply unprepared [for] this kind of chaos, “she said in response to another Twitter user.

Begakis tweeted that she had contacted Amazon about the problem but had not received a response.

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