A tree falls on Dixon’s wife, breaking her spine, her ribs

Dixon, Ten. (WSMV) – Strong storms approached the death of a Dixon woman on Friday morning when part of a tree collapsed on her front porch.

He trapped her under his weight and broke her spine and several ribs. This is according to Nancy Rutan’s husband, Gary, who watched it all.

“It’s getting dark all of a sudden and I’m thinking what the hell is going on here,” Gary Rutan said. “A big tree fell and landed on it, the deck and everything.

Nancy, her husband says, was on the front porch enjoying a cup of coffee and talking on the phone when the tree fell.

She has been in a hospital in Nashville since Friday night, alert but in pain.

“I’m just dumb; I couldn’t believe it, “said Gary Rutan. “It’s just unbelievable how something can get him out so fast.”

As Nancy, 67, lay trapped under a tree, Gary called 911. The first answers came within 10 minutes, he said, releasing her after cutting the tree with chainsaws.

Gary says he was minutes from meeting.

“That’s all I can say; “Thank you, Lord, for letting me be here,” said Gary Rutan. “The boy from BMW said that if you left, who would call 911?”

Rutan’s limbs and pieces of their courtyard are now scattered in Rutan’s front yard.

The front porch, which they enjoyed for most of the 31 years they were married, is barely standing.

Now it’s a renovation project, Gary, 70, says he’ll get there in time.

His priority is to take care of his wife.

“All of these things can be replaced,” said Gary Rutan.

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