A juror in the Johnny Depp defamation trial says the jury did not buy Amber Heard’s “crocodile tears”

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, Defamation Trial

Amber Heard may want to blame social media for her final defeat in the defamation trial of Johnny Depp, but one of the jurors spoke openly and it really seems that the jury simply did not agree with any of her emotional fluctuations during her indications.

During an interview with ABC News, which was broadcast as a segment of Good morning America, a juror essentially said the jury did not interpret Amber Heard’s testimony as sincere. The juror said “The crying, the expressions on his face, the staring at the jury – we were all very uncomfortable. She answered one question and would cry, and then two seconds later she would get icy cold… Some of us used the term “crocodile tears.”

ABC News did not identify the juror’s name, but said he was “One of the five men on the jury.” The other two of the seven jurors were women. Adding more to what he said, the jury said the jury did not think much of the actress’ story matched and that most of them felt as if she was the aggressor in the alleged violence.

“Many of the jury think that what he says at the end of the day is more plausible. He just seemed a little more realistic about how he answered questions. His emotional state was very stable all the time. “

Although Amber Heard believes the jury was influenced by the negative response from social media against her, the jury said they all “I followed the evidence“When it came down to deciding their sentence. He continued, “In the end, what I think is true is that they were both abusing each other. I don’t think that makes any of them right or wrong. But to rise to the level of what she claims, there was not enough or any evidence that really supports what she says.

The grand swing for the jury against Amber Heard, according to the juror, is the revelation that the actress did not give $ 7 million for a charity divorce, as she had previously promised. The juror said “She’s going to a talk show in the United Kingdom. The video shows her sitting there and telling the host that she gave all this money, and the terms she uses in this video were “I gave it”, “I gave it away”, “It disappeared”, but the fact is that she did she didn’t give much of it. “

All I can say is that this juror took the words out of my mouth. Just as an observer and observing some of it, she just didn’t prove credible. It may be easier to blame the public opinion court, and I’m not even saying that Johnny Depp was a saint, because I think they were both toxic to each other, but it’s all about how Hurd came out during this process. it didn’t feel authentic. The jury seemed to feel the same way at the end of the day.

What do you think of the jury’s statement about Amber Heard and her testimony?

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