A girl, 17, was killed after reporting the progress of an adult colleague from Walgreens

A 17-year-old girl in Colorado Springs tragically died at work after an alleged confrontation with her colleague from Walgreens. Police have arrested a 28-year-old man in connection with the murder of Riley Whitelow. Before Riley was killed, she said she felt “uncomfortable” about a suspected manager who put them on the same shifts.

According to KKTV, the Colorado Springs Police Department said Whitelow was found dead in the Walgreens area on Saturday, June 11. A store manager finds her body in the rest room. The place was reportedly bloody, the witness said. Before a manager found Riley, a 16-year-old client told police she was standing on the aisle with deodorant when she heard a woman screaming and the sound of doors slamming.

IN affidavit revealed that the victim appeared to have neck and blood injuries throughout the room. The identity badge and the radio lay near her feet.

“There were significant bloodstains on the floor of the room, the cupboards and the countertop. There was an identification badge on the floor and a headset … near the victim’s feet. “

A teenager rejected the suspects’ advances before the murder

Police have arrested Riley Whitelow’s colleague, Joshua Johnson, on a first-degree murder charge. According to an affidavit, Walgreens manager Justin Zunino reviewed the surveillance records. He watched the 28-year-old bins in front of the surveillance camera until he blocked the view.

He also confirmed that someone had pasted paper on the windows in the rest area and the “toilet was closed” sign had been placed in the area to prevent people, something that did not happen until the end of the working day.

[The manager] watched an employee named Joshua Johnson arrange the bins in front of a surveillance camera while she blocked the view of the camera. [The manager] said someone had stuck paper on the windows in the lounge area. The “toilet is closed” sign was in the area to keep people out, which doesn’t usually happen until the end of work. “

To the same manager, Whitelow complained about Johnson last year. According to court documents, she said Johnson had made progress towards her, which made her uncomfortable. Zunino said he told Johnson to “keep things professional” and said Johnson “looks receptive.”

Months later, Riley asked for more classes and was told she had to work with Johnson to get them.

During an interview with police, Johnson claimed to have been in the rest room and claimed to have bled to death and returned home to change. There seemed to be red scratches on his face and body. He also denied arranging the boxes in front of the camera, as seen in the video.

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