A Father’s Day gift that is better than a few sleeves of the Pro V1

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Finding a gift for Father’s Day is hard, especially when you have a dad like mine who keeps every tool and gadget – apart from those marble Coors heads he broke, it was real life Billy Baru and the only club I wanted – in perfect condition. If there is oil or treatment for it, he will find it and follow the instructions for application to the letter.

My favorite gift lately has been comics, because his mother sold all his first editions to the world’s most unpretentious garage sale decades ago, and his hobby outside of golf is walking his dog Bear on a stroller on the course he lives in search of. lost golf balls. (I won’t buy you a new Pro V1 when I know you have a few dozen boxes of eggs worth sitting in the garage, Dad.)

I usually call him to make tea, buy a bottle of brown alcohol, and play 18 with him for Father’s Day. I find that spending time with him is easier than looking for Amazon as a gift, and he prefers to beat me on the line with another trinket for his golf bag. I can’t do that this year because I no longer live 40 minutes from my parents’ place in Colorado.

So we’ll see how the comic develops. I think he likes them because he’s a Marvel geek / science fiction at heart, but his grandson Henry is also happy when Dad flips through the colored pages for him so he can point out anyone who looks remotely threatening and says “Uuuu”.

While driving a rifle in a golf cart and tracking its drives is my gift to my father around the third Sunday of June, my father’s gesture to his father took him to a college World Series match.

As a native of Omaha, I’m ashamed I haven’t been to the CWS since moving to my luxurious new stadium downtown from the old Rosenblatt to the Henry Doorly Zoo. Work commitments have kept me from attending for the past decade, but there have been serious discussions about returning this year if Tennessee had played to his rankings. (It’s hard to get my girlfriend to watch baseball in the swampy heat of the Midwest with nowhere to hide from the sun when her team isn’t on the field. I may not have been to the event in 10 years, but I know the humidity in Nebraska loves to make its CWS debut.)

My father, Steve, was a few iterations after the change. He has enough friends and family in town to get tickets for several phone calls and can usually arrange check-in during the same call. As I mentioned, his chosen partner for at least one game is his father, Stan Beckwith. However, COVID’s health problems and limitations in the nursing home have made it impossible to bring Stan in the last few years, and unfortunately it is definitely not possible to bring him from his current resting place.

This is the first Father’s Day in 69 years, when my father will be without his father, and the thought of these two going to the CWS game – a hat and sunscreen, thoroughly rubbed, trying to unite who is more willing to go and then see who is the first to crack in the scorching heat and call it a day – it will forever be one of the first things that comes to my mind when this event hits ESPN in mid-June. And I know it’s probably the same with my father.

So, the next time you’re trying to find a Father’s Day gift for your popes, my suggestion, if you can’t see it in person, is reading material. But if you’re able to hit the strings, fish, barbecue or go to a game with him, I think he’ll appreciate that much more than Amazon’s best offer.

Happy Father’s Day to all my fathers and all the fathers there. You can’t move a finger unless you’re squeezing an ice-cold drink.

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