5G spectrum auction: Good news for telecom service providers – the government is making that decision

5G Spectrum Auction: Good news for telecommunications service providers (TSPs), the government has decided that SUC will not be charged in a 5G spectrum tender, ie. “Spectrum charges”.

The Ministry of Telecommunications in its communication on the “Order for charging for the use of spectrum from 21.06.2022” confirmed that “For spectrum acquired through a tender held after 15.09.2021 in different bands of the spectrum for access, no charges SUC ”.

Full details available – https://dot.gov.in/sites/default/files/SUC%20Order_0.pdf?download=1

Earlier, Telecommunications Minister Ashwini Weisnau said 5G deployment would begin in 20-25 cities by the end of the year, noting that India, with its current data prices well below world averages, would continue to sets benchmarks as new services unfold.

Deployment of 5G will begin in August-September, Vaishnaw said.

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The minister said India is developing 4G and 5G stacks and is preparing to strengthen its position as a trusted source for the world in digital networks.

The government will auction off terrestrial waves worth about 4.3 lakh rupees, which can offer fifth-generation or 5G telecommunications services, including ultra-high-speed internet, and also gave its nod to the creation of closed 5G networks by technology companies.

Up to 72 GHz of spectrum will be placed on the block during the 5G auction, which is scheduled to begin on July 26, 2022 (With PTI inputs)

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