40 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Dad in Your Life (2022)

It wouldn’t be Father’s Day, if you do not panic what to buy Dad. Let’s face it. Dads tend to buy whatever they want, even three days before Father’s Day, leaving you with no way to surprise him. But don’t be afraid. This is our guide to all the latest gadgets he’s probably not even heard of.

For more ideas, ours Mother’s Day elections will make good gifts for dads too. Be sure to check out our other guides, such as The best gifts for new parents and on The best children’s podcasts.

Updated June 17, 2022: We have added several new items, including an all-in-one espresso machine, a sleek hair dryer and a backpack for hiking.

Jeffrey Van Camp, Michael Calore, Medea Giordano, Parker Hall and Jaina Gray also contributed to this guide.

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