25 Last Minute Father’s Day Offers (2022)

Relax and take deep breath. There’s still time to find a present for Dad. And not just any gift, like a tie or a boring wallet, but a gift he will appreciate and talk about for years to come. You just have to be quick. From swinging to walking, we have covered you with the best headphones, fitness trackers and more.

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Updated June 17: We’ve added new offerings, including a set of cooking utensils, a weighted blanket, a sleek bike helmet and more.

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Health and smart watch deals

Withings ScanWatch

Photo: Withings

WIRED contributor Simon Hill gave him an assessment 8/10, WIRED recommends because it offers health tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, ECG and blood oxygen levels, all in a classic-looking design that doesn’t shout “smartwatch”.

Jorn doesn’t have state-of-the-art fitness and health tracking features, but review editor Julian Chockatu likes it for its intuitive user interface and ease of use when it comes to noticing weather, heart rate and footsteps. Men’s sizes is also available at the same price.

Even with a closer look, it would be difficult to spot the Retro Pilot as a smartwatch, and yet it offers controls for music playback, tracks the number of steps, monitors sleep performance, and can even be configured to work with Dad’s phone camera when paired with his smartphone via the app.

We have mixed feelings on DNA test kits, but if you and your father understand and accept the potential consequences of peeking into his genetic history, Ancestry kits are among the most detailed on the market.

Homelabs Sunrise

Photo: Amazon

Homelabs watch is mine favorite sunrise alarm, not because it is the most full-featured clock on the market, but because it performs all the basic functions (or better) than sunrise alarm clocks, which cost several times more. If it is difficult for Dad to fall asleep or wake up in the morning, the sunrise clock may be just what he needs to make it easier to get in or out of bed.

Triple, flexible rotating heads ensure a smooth shave, following the contours of Dad’s face. Because it is waterproof, it can be used in the shower, as some people like to do when shaving. It also comes with an attachment to trim the edges of his chin, if not all-in in a perfectly clean-shaven look.

Audio and music deals

Sonos Roam

Photo: Sonos

For a small speaker, Roam is capable of great sound that will not be distorted at high volume. This is partly the reason why I scored a strong result 9/10, WIRED recommends in our review. It offers not only Bluetooth but also Wi-Fi. Part of the speaker’s appeal is that this is also the cheapest way to join the Sonos device ecosystem.

The Fender’s Player series is my recommendation for a dad who wants a high-quality electric guitar that is a step ahead of the entry-level axes, but won’t break the bank. This model offers all the characteristic Strat ringing and brightness with three pickups with one coil and a maple neck and fretboard.

AirPods are a favorite in the WIRED office, but for training and active activities, Beats Fit Pro (9/10, WIRED recommends) stays in the ear healthier. Contributor reviewer Parker Hall named them the best everyday headphones for iPhone users, thanks to their comfortable and secure fit in the ear and superb sound quality.

This is not the biggest discount, but Apple AirPods Max is rarely sold and says they are the best wireless headphones he has ever used. Their excellent sound and build quality grabbed them 8/10, WIRED recommends in his review.

Deals with screens

Facebook Go portal

Photo: Facebook

The Go portal (8/10, WIRED recommends) has a 10-inch display and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, but its distinctive feature is that the smart camera automatically zooms in and out during video calls to make it look like it has a personal camera crew at work.

Totalee is one of ours favorite iPhone cases because it offers scratch and drop protection over a phone without a case, but with a thickness of just 0.02 inches, it’s not lush enough to make Dad feel like he’s carrying a brick. This case is compatible with MagSafe wireless charging. There is also the case for the newer iPhone 13 if your dad has upgraded his phone recently.

The 2021 edition of the iPad Mini includes Touch ID and a powerful A15 processor, along with an 8.3-inch touch screen. If Dad likes to look at a tablet on the couch or in bed, but doesn’t need or want the 11-inch iPad Air display, the Mini is probably the best tablet for him.

The three-lens starter kit is only $ 39 more than the two-lens kit, so you can get the extra lens. Includes an iPhone case that allows Dad to mount all three lenses that come with the kit. You can choose your combination of lenses, from fisheye to telephoto to macro lenses.

Offers for home and kitchen

Casper weighted blanket

Photo: Casper

If Dad wants to take the shoes home and start cooking, this 17-piece set will form a solid foundation for kitchen equipment. From frying pans and sauces of various sizes to a set of three-piece plastic cooking tools, he will have everything he needs to become the newest cook in the household. Just be sure to tell him to use this included fryer basket sparingly.

There’s nothing like a little gravity-assisted pressure to help Dad nod. If he needs a little help to fall asleep at night or if he just likes to unload on the couch, give him a weighted blanket weighing 10, 15 or 20 pounds, all available for $ 99.

Electric kettles heat up faster than hot plates, so if Dad is the type of person who wakes up and goes straight for his coffee or tea, speed up your mornings with this digital kettle. The design of the thick door allows more control during pouring, if your pet is engaged in making coffee by pouring.

Coffee is good hot, coffee is good icy cold, but coffee is not good cold. Make sure Dad never takes another sip of disgusting room temperature java with this rechargeable cup that will allow him to keep his coffee (or tea) warm for up to 80 minutes. The temperature is adjustable from 120 to 145 degrees – the ideal temperature for good, steamed coffee.

Photo: Amazon

Because when Dad just needs a button cooker that he can set up and forget about as he goes about his day, Foodi offers a list of laundry options. This Instant Pot racer deals with pressure cooking, air frying, stewing, slow cooking, yogurt making, frying, sautéing, baking, baking, sous vide and more.

Senior product reviewer Scott Gilbertson likes Gevi because it meets two important criteria for an espresso machine: It is made mostly of metal and can reach 15 bar pressure. And it does all this at a budget price, when a lot of espresso machines cost a lot of pennies.

Outdoor transactions

Weber Spirit II E-210

Photo: Weber

Even cooking temperatures and burners that are easily adjustable make Spirit II our favorite gas grill. It’s a bit small for large families and lacks a side burner, but the cast-iron porcelain grill grilles make up for it.

Ray-Ban’s classic Wayfarer catches everyone’s eye, but New Wayfarer is perfect for dads who might think the original is too big. New Wayfarer has slightly smaller lenses and is less tilted forward, so Pop can have the whole style in a more elegant package.

Bicycle helmets should not disturb Dad’s style when he is on two wheels. Based in Portland, Oregon, Nutcase makes some of the WIRED Reviews team’s favorite helmets, thanks to a number of great designs and multi-directional impact protection (MIPS) that provides additional protection against rotating impacts.

She sang 7S

Photo: Propella

Parker Hall gave the 7S 8/10, WIRED recommends due to its quality components and low price (for electric bicycle). It is light at 37 pounds, has seven manual gears, reaches a top speed of 18 miles per hour and has a range of 20 to 40 miles per charge. In addition, Propella will launch free delivery by June 20.

It can hardly be called cheap, but even the more affordable 52-watt version can reach a top speed of 38 miles per hour and travel up to 40 miles on a single charge. Because when a bike just takes up too much storage space, the foldable Phantom V2 can be easily taken to Dad’s office or home.

Retailer’s pages for Father’s Day

If you’re still on the hunt, here are the full sales pages from some major retailers. We wish you good luck!

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