1/6 summons from the committee Exclusive documentary film footage of Trump

The 1/6 committee called for exclusive documentaries of Trump and his family, covering the weeks before and during the Capitol attack.

Through: Politico:

A source familiar with the project told Playbook on Monday night that Holder began filming during the September 2020 campaign for a project to re-elect Trump. For several months, Holder had significant access to Trump, Trump’s elderly children, and Vice President MIKE PENS, both in the White House and during the election campaign.

According to the summons, which was received exclusively from Playbook, the commission wants three main things from Holder:

(1) Raw footage from January. 6.

(2) Raw footage from September 2020 interviews with Trump, Pence, DONALD THURMP Jr., IVANKA TUMP, ERIC THURMP, and JARED KUSHNER.

(3) Raw footage ‘relating to discussions of electoral fraud or the integrity of the November 2020 presidential election.

Director Alex Holder issued a statement that he would comply with the summons:

Only Trump would probably have a film crew on hand to record his crimes

Trump’s ego and arrogance make him do a lot of stupid things, but could there be anything stupider and more legitimate than having a documentary crew on hand while trying to steal an election?

Trump laid the groundwork for his big lie months ago, 1/6, claiming that ballot papers were a means of fraud. The conspiracy really legitimizes and the theft of elections did not start after election day. The former president has been sowing the seeds of the scheme for months.

Everything can be on film and can give the Committee more evidence to show The Ministry of Justice and the nation that Trump should be tried.

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